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Why Liturgy Matters at Easter

I attended church Easter Sunday at a great church. It has incredible outreach in the community, a redemptive, transforming presence in the region. The gospel is preached, lives […]

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Home For Christmas!

Isaiah 35, Written for Advent 2009 For as long as we have celebrated Christmas with our children, and probably before, we have had a theme for advent. Often, […]

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Pieces of Grace

  Advent, 2009 Catastrophe. Three tall ceramic candle holders in the shape of the three wise men grace our entry way during advent and Christmas. Bought cheaply in […]

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How Much Hope is In Change?

For some reason, for several days the following excerpt from Wendell Berry’s writings has kept circulating through my brain. It’s a longish passage, but one I come back […]

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The Rapture Is There, Kind of

I am always amused at the way people, normally scholars who would never tolerate absolute, ultimatum-like statements on any subject be made without dispute, react to the periodic […]

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