Lawson Stone

Stones Fence

Enter the Hero

The last article, before we were interrupted by the republican debates, noted how liminal situations underscore the role of  exactly the kind of folks who populate Quentin Tarantino’s […]

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Why Donald Trump Should Not Apologize

Everybody was appalled at Donald Trump’s reaction to Fox News’ journalist Megyn Kelly as she did her job: posing hard questions that draw out a candidate’s real positions. […]

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Will Bill Kill the Bible?

So the figures in the book of Judges have been blurred out of focus by tradition, VBS programs, and perhaps also our inability to see biblical characters as […]

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Why Liturgy Matters at Easter

I attended church Easter Sunday at a great church. It has incredible outreach in the community, a redemptive, transforming presence in the region. The gospel is preached, lives […]

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